• Serena Williams Away Collection: Tips for Packing More Efficiently

    While the world has been in lockdown for the better part of a year, that doesn’t mean people haven’t been fantasizing about travel. Or if you’re tennis icon Serena Williams, who travelled almost nonstop during the before times, you’re probably not daydreaming of travel at all, you’re just straight up dreaming—because you’re catching up on some well-deserved sleep. The champion athlete, entrepreneur and mom has been using the time during quarantine to do something she rarely gets to actually do: stay home.

    But just because Williams isn’t necessarily lusting after travel right now, that doesn’t mean it’s not still an integral part of her life. “Luggage and travel are a huge part of my lifestyle,” she tells FLARE. “When I was younger, one of my first travel experiences for tennis was going to Europe and that trip really inspired my love of travel.” This affinity for seeing the world makes her latest collection with luxury suitcase brand Away a natural fit. Ahead of the January 28 launch of her second collection with the brand, Away x Serena Williams, the athlete spoke to FLARE about the inspiration behind her collection, how travel has changed as she’s taken on new roles, and why she was happy to stay put during quarantine.

    Serena Williams’s luggage collection was inspired by her favourite places—and her pro packing skills

    While she launched her first collection with Away in January 2020, when the world was more open for travel, Williams’s latest collection was designed and created under much different circumstances. “I really wanted to create something that spoke to the consumer,” Williams says. “[With] the last collection, I brought something that was more designed on the inside, so I wanted to have the focus [for this collection] be on the outside.” And while it’s been awhile since many people have hopped on a plane for international travel, it’s faraway locales that inspired the exteriors of her Williams’s luggage. The pieces were influenced by some of her top travel destinations, and the nostalgia of the memories she has from visiting them.

    “Rome is one of my absolute favourite places in the world,” she says. “I miss exploring the city and taking in the architecture. The intricate details of the buildings were a huge inspiration for me in this collection.” (She also loves Paris, a place Williams says feels almost like home. It helps that Williams speaks French!)

    serena williams away collection: Three suitcases from the Away x Serena Williams collection are posed in front of a drawing of the Trevi Fountain in Rome

    (Photo: Away)

    And not only is it her love of certain cities that influenced the collection, but her skills as an expert packer, something she honed over her many years of travel. “I’ve found that I have been able to create a system for packing that keeps me less stressed while traveling. I am really organized and typically start planning weeks in advance,” she says. The Away x Serena Williams collection features a set of four expandable packing cubes, something Williams swears by for staying organized and remembering essentials.

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    The role of travel has changed for her as she’s gotten older

    As a professional athlete, entrepreneur and one of Fast Company‘s 42 most productive people, Williams is no stranger to taking on different, often high-stress roles, which is why when she travels, she prefers to keep it relatively low-key. The mom to three-year-old Alexis Olympia doesn’t have a ritual for when she travels to a new place, like running through the city to sightsee or going shopping. Mostly because she doesn’t usually have time to do those things. “When I travel I’m always working,” she says, “so I’m always fine to rest [in her downtime].”

    But as her life has evolved, so has the way she views travel—especially since becoming a mom. “I’ll always be a traveler at heart, but I often find myself so focused on work that I don’t get to explore all the cities I visit. As I’ve gotten older, I am also now traveling as a mother, which adds a whole new dimension of chaos and stress, but it makes visiting new places so much more rewarding and enjoyable,” she says.

    And once it’s safe to travel for pleasure, Williams knows the first place on her list. “I love anywhere in the Caribbean, so that’s always on my list to go.”

    Williams has used quarantine as a time to truly relax

    While many people think of air travel as an activity that brings them joy, with that out of the question after an overall challenging year, it’s inevitable that they’d look for other activities and hobbies to fill the void. Whether it was baking sourdough or learning how to knit, quarantine activities were all the rage in 2020 as a way to pass the time at home. But for Williams, it wasn’t cooking or learning a new language that brought her joy, it was simply staying home in and of itself. “For me, [what brought me joy in 2020] was staying home because I do travel so much,” she says. “So the most enjoyable moment for me was staying home. I’ve never been home this long since I was a teenager.”

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    serena williams away collection: A mint car in front of a backdrop

    (Photo: Away)

    And don’t worry, we will travel again

    Despite how the world feels right now, it’s not frivolous to think about buying yourself or your loved ones some chic new luggage. Not only can it be a form of self-care for some, as a symbol of something to look forward to, but because “people are going to start traveling again,” Williams asserts. “And when you travel you want to travel with the best equipment and that’s Away.”

  • Alexandre Vauthier Couture Spring 2021 – WWD

    “As a designer, what guides you is the world. What happens after 10 months of lockdown? You want freedom, people, seduction — and a party,” said Alexandre Vauthier as he presented his spring couture collection — the fourth designed under varying degrees of restrictions — in his Paris showroom.

    And a party it was. Filmed in the legendary club “Le Palace,” the season’s film brought together a Parisian crowd dressed to the nines and more than ready to cut loose. “This enforced period of isolation showed that we need others to live. Mixing people together is the key to social harmony, and you don’t have to adapt to codes. Just looking or being different doesn’t mean we can’t get along,” he said.

    That come-as-you-are approach translated into a lineup that looked like a cross-section of feminine archetypes. Mingling on the dance floor were the professional woman glamming up her well-cut cropped trouser suit with gold pointed boots; glam rockers in a pair of glittering body suits; a tomboy, looking sharp in a vest, white T-shirt and leather trousers. A cascade of silver fringes worn with matching boots felt just as showstopping as a minimal look topped with a pristine cocoon coat.

    References were diffuse, blending into a unified vision of high-octane glamour with a late 1980s tinge. “Fashion is a reflection of its time, and a vocabulary. What I wanted to spell out was a message of optimism by presenting an idealized moment of freedom, joy, beauty and sharing,” Vauthier said.

    In the light of day, the work of the specialty ateliers took center stage. Minidresses that looked like sharp puffs of ruffles were crafted from delicate pleats painstakingly assembled into shape. Flared trousers were embroidered in multicolored sprays of beads and crystals, edged in marabou feathers. A vinyl-effect coat revealed its fabric to be a liquid-feeling silk. “I like to twist codes that are culturally inscribed in couture,” he said. “It’s never about making a literal copy of the past with nostalgic regrets. You have to use the past to move forward.”

  • Celebrity Workout Secrets to Stay in Shape ⋆ Trendybloggers

    Everybody wants to know how celebrities get in shape. It’s the number one topic for fitness on the internet. You’ve got a million different sites touting their way that they swear is the celebrity secret. The secret is, in reality, a fascinating one. It has less to do with the supplements and the fancy gyms and more to do with training style and overall lifestyle. When we talk about how they get in shape so quickly, it gets a bit hairy. They get ripped in record time because they’ve got all day to do it and millions of dollars on the line. If you’re about to get paid 5 million to look like a Norse god, you’re going to look like a Norse god. But for us mere mortals, we can still hit that goal, just like celebs do. Here’s how. (Image Credit: Anastase Maragos/Unsplash)

    Hypertrophy Makes Aesthetics 

    Targeted hypertrophy is a fancy way of saying: “make the right muscles grow” to give the desired effect. The most famous example of this is Brad Pitt in Fight Club. His body is disproportionate. He’s got the thin figure that long-distance runners have, with relatively massive bodybuilder arms. That particular effect was a product of targeted hypertrophy. Similarly, if you’re trying to fill out your jeans and give the impression of power, hamstring exercises are the way to go. Powerful hamstrings convey power, period. It’s the hallmark sign of the fast and the strong. So depending on what you want to grow, targeted hypertrophy is the way to go. Just remember to balance it out on the other side of the body part. 

    Focus on Muscle 

    Celebrities, like any other bodybuilder or athlete, pack on muscle in the off-season. A lot of fit celebrities may look “fat” between roles, but this is a natural process for building muscle. Once they land a role, they immediately start ramping up the frequency and intensity of the workouts. Having that bulk on hand ensures that they stay aesthetic during their cut and don’t lose too much muscle during the process. It’s a lot easier to lose 20 pounds of fat quickly then gain 10 pounds of muscle.

    Don’t Ignore the Big Lifts 

    People love fads. Unfortunately, they all suck. They all have you missed the point in building the body worthy of the silver screen. They’ve got you buying medicine balls and power cubes. That’s all nonsense. Build your base with big power lifts. You still need to squat, bench, deadlift, pull-up, and press. That doesn’t change. Never ignore the big lifts. They are the biggest stimulus you have to get jacked. From there, you can carve out the body you want. But trust us, endless kettlebell thrusters and hip bridges aren’t going to get the job done. 

    The main ingredient of any routine is consistency. It’s harped on over and over again. Why? Because the pace at which the body transforms is inherently slow. There isn’t a cell in your body that knows it has to grow in 30 days. It grows when it grows and it’s different for everyone. So stay on track, get your diet right, put in the work, and you’ll see the results.

  • Black Friday 2020 Deals That You Can Shop From Your Couch

    While it’s hard to believe it’s already November (wasn’t it June, like, yesterday?), it’s time for the annual shop-a-thon that is Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you’ve been eyeing a little sumthin’ sumthin’ for yourself or want to get a head start on your holiday shopping, now is the time! And don’t fret—since we’re still in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic, brands have made shopping from your couch even easier this year with amazing online deals. All your fave labels—from Sephora to COS—plus some local Canadian gems are offering up discounts so we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best Black Friday 2020 deals below to help you indulge in some much-deserved retail therapy.

    Charlotte Tilbury
    When: November 26 to November 30
    The Deal: Trios with 40% off and an exclusive new product drop: Glowgasm Lips in two new shades, Jewelgasm and Glittergasm. There’s also a Buy One Gift One promo running on select eyeshadow palettes. Check out the Charlotte Tilbury website for more amazing deals.

    When: November 26 to November 29
    The Deal: 50% off plus free shipping when you use the code Waterless at checkout.

    When: November 26 to December 31 (depending on the device)
    The Deal: Markdowns on select products, including up to $70 off, at the Google Store including Chromecast and Nest. Select devices are on sale now until December 3, with some remaining on sale until December 31.

    When: November 19 to December 1
    The Deal: They are offering up to 50% off the best gifts of the season exclusively for Plum Members. Additionally, Plum Plus Members will receive exclusive one-day early access to these deals in stores and online.

    When: November 26 to December 3
    The Deal: Save up to $200 off your favourite robots.

    AI Toronto Seoul
    When: November 20 to November 30
    The Deal: Everything is 20% off including masks and mask chains.

    Eight Kilos
    When: November 20 to November 27
    The Deal: Enter code BF20 at checkout and receive 20% off the Eight Kilos 6 bottle wine-focused gift box.

    THIC (The Hair Inspired Company)
    When: November 27 to November 30
    The Deal: Enter code THIC15 at the checkout and receive 15% off your purchase.

    Tonic Blooms
    When: November 23 to November 30
    The Deal: 15% off all products in the Holiday and Curated Collections.

    Mary Ratcliffe Studio
    When: November 20 to November 27
    The Deal: 20% off all items in the Objects Collection.

    Self Made Tanning
    When: November 26 and November 27
    The Deal: 40% off all self-tanning products plus, free shipping and free gift wrapping. If you sign up for the mailing list you will receive a free $10 gift card towards your next purchase.

    When: November 27
    The Deal: 15% off the entire KARE Toronto line.

    Oak + Fort
    When: November 26 at 8PM PST to December 2 at 6:59 AM PST
    The Deal: On November 26 at 8PM PST until November 29 at 6:59PM PST, there will be markdowns up to 80% off, plus 30% off all regular priced items in stores and online. From November 29 at 8PM PST until December 2 at 6:59AM PST, there will be markdowns up to 80% off, 20% off all regular priced items, plus free shipping.

    When: November 27 and November 30
    The Deal: 60% to 80% off site wide for Black Friday and Cyber Monday (exclusions apply, designer styles not eligible for sale).

    When: Black Friday (November 27) through Giving Tuesday (December 1)
    The Deal: VRAI will be gifting a #TOGETHERMASK with every order of $400 or more, and in return one medical-grade face shield will be donated to protect vulnerable front-line workers in need.

    Outland Denim
    When: November 27 to November 30
    The Deal: The sustainable denim brand is 
    having its first ever Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale this year with select styles (including some of the brand’s most recent arrivals from the Weekend Edit) will be 30% off.

    Varsity Headwear
    When: November 27 at 3AM EST until November 29 at 6PM EST
    The Deal: The luxury headwear brand is partnering with UNICEF for Black Friday weekend. T
    he Norwegian-based brand will donate a minimum of 10% from the sale of every hat to the global organization, helping to save children’s lives around the world.

    Lotus Aroma
    When: November 27 to November 29 at midnight
    The Deal: The brand is offering 35% off site wide.

    AWE Contracts
    When: November 27
    The Deal: 20% off any contract kits when using the code AWEKITS20 at checkout.

    Monte & Coe.
    When: November 27 and November 30
    The Deal: They’re offering a travel accessory, up to $245 in value, with the purchase of one of our best-selling weekender bags, daily tote bags, or briefcases (while quantities last).

    When: November 23 to December 6
    The Deal: From November 23 to 29, the brand is offering 30% off site wide. Starting on November 30 and running until December 6, in addition to 30% off site wide, they are also offering a Mega Bag valued at $140. At Sephora, from November 27 until December 4, receive 30% off Lip Balm and Glycolic.

    Cosset Co.
    When: November 24 to November 30
    The Deal: Give the gift of glowing skin! Choose between any two Beauty Droplets for $98. Use code BFB98 at checkout.

    Fleur du Mal
    When: November 24 to December 1
    The Deal: Use the code THXGIVEIT2ME for an additional 25% off sale items which includes an assortment of lingerie, ready-to-wear and swim styles.

    When: November 27 to December 1
    The Deal: Purchases over $250 get a $25 gift card, purchases over $500 get a $75 gift card and purchases over $1000 get a $200 gift card.

    Bath & Body Works
    When: November 23 to November 27
    The Deal: The brand’s 5-Day Black Friday Event offers shoppers to Mix & Match the entire store. When you buy three, get three Free. And because safety is all we want for Christmas, shoppers will get extra time (and space) to shop this once-a-year event in stores.

    When: November 25 to December 1
    The Deal: Use the code #25off to receive 25% off on all products.

    Bikini Village
    When: Starting November 24
    The Deal: Up to 70% off all brands.

    La Vie en Rose
    When: November 26 to November 29
    The Deal: 40% off almost everything (excluding bras and panties).

    When: November 24 to November 30
    The Deal: Up to 50% off select styles.

    When: November 27 to November 30
    The Deal: 30% off site wide. This deal includes RXBAR’s two new flavours, Peanut Butter and Berries and Banana Chocolate Walnut.

    November 23 to December 2
    The Deal: 
    From November 23 to the 25, the brand is offering four full-size products for $65. From November 26 to 28, there will be 30% off site wide, plus 40% off DevaFuser. From November 29 to December 2, they are offering 30% off site wide, plus a free full-sized Melt into Moisture on purchases over $65.

    The Detox Market
    When: November 24 at 6AM PST to November 30 at 11:59PM EST
    The Deal: Starting on November 24 at 6AM PST and running until the 30 at 11:59 EST, spend $100 before taxes and get $10 off. Spend $200 before taxes and get $25 off, plus you’ll receive a gift of OSEA Anti-Aging Body (valued at $65). Spend $400 before taxes and get $80 off, plus you’ll receive a gift of OSEA Anti-Aging Body ($65 value) and a Detox Mode Body Scrub ($44 value). Some exclusions apply and the offer is available until sold out.

    When: November 27
    The Deal: Receive 10% off for each product purchased up to 30% (10% off one product, 20% off two, 30% off three or more).

    Hammam Spa
    When: November 27
    The Deal: 15% off online and in store (includes gift cards) using the code Blackfriday2020.

    RW & Co.
    When: November 27 to November 30
    The Deal: On November 27, the brand is offering 50% off everything (excluding men’s footwear) and an additional 50% off clearance items. For November 28 to 30, take 50% off regular price and 30% off clearance items. There are also additional deals with the brand leading up to Black Friday.

    Satya Organic Skincare
    When: November 27 to November 29
    The Deal: Instead of having another Black Friday sale, this year the brand is paying it forward. 20% from every purchase online will go toward building an Indigenous-led matrilineal healing and education centre—the first of its kind in Canada—by Clan Mothers Healing Village, a Manitoba-based non-profit.

    When: Now until November 28 at midnight
    The Deal: All sale styles have already been reduced by an additional $25. You can also enjoy $75 off full price styles (excludes V and Firenze) including handbags (this is automatically applied at checkout).

    When: November 20 at 3AM EST to November 27
    The Deal: The online retailer will be offering 20% to 65% off select items from Shop Local along with up to 40% off select products on amazon.ca. This includes up to $110 off select Amazon devices.

    Brunette the Label
    When: November 27 to 30
    The Deal: 30% to 50% off select items.

    Kat Maconie
    When: From now until November 30
    The Deal: 35% off select product when you enter KMBF35 at checkout.

    MikaylaJ Jewelry
    When: November 24 to December 1
    The Deal: 10% when you buy two items, 20% for four and 30% off for six while using the codes
    blackfriday10, blackfriday20 or blackfriday30.

    When: Black Friday offers run from November 25 to 28 (online) and November 25 to 29 (in stores), while Cyber Monday is on from November 29 to December 9
    The Deal: Enjoy L’Occitane’s $25 Black Friday Doorbusters including options from the Cherry Blossom, Almond and Shea Doorbuster ranges (while supplies last). The brand is also offering some of L’Occitane’s most beloved scents as a special gift with purchase on orders over $100 and $210. For Cyber Monday, receive an additional 20% off applicable items when you place an order on loccitane.com.

    November 20 to December 1
    The Deal: Up to 50% off online and in store purchases. (
    Discount excludes gift cards, hair services. clearance items, gift packs, door crashers, litre & travel sizes, Moroccanoil, Brunette the Label, Virtue, Dry Bar and Dermalogica products; other exclusions may apply. Discount must be applied at time of purchase, cannot be applied to previous orders or combined with any other offer.) 

    When: November 27 to December 3
    The Deal: Up to $200 dollars off select Dyson items on DysonCanada.ca, in the Dyson Demo Store located in Yorkdale Shopping Centre and in select retailers that sell Dyson products.

    When: Month of November and December 1
    The Deal: For the month of November, Arc’teryx will reward guests who trade-in their used Arc’teryx gear with a gift card worth 30% of the item’s original retail value. On Giving Tuesday (December 1), Arc’teryx will also donate $10 for every item traded-in in November to Protect our Winters, a climate-focused non-profit.

    Victoria Emerson
    When: November 20 to 29, November 30 to December 7
    The Deal: Buy one, get one free on Black Friday and 50% off site-wide on Cyber Monday (exclusions apply).

    Estée Lauder
    When: November 27 (one day only)
    The Deal: 5pc Pure Color Envy Lipstick Black Friday Set ($210 value) will be $52 instead of $99.

    When: November 23 (for email subscribers), November 25 (for the public) to December 1 at 3AM EST
    The Deal: Buy more, save more items—buy one item, get 10% off; buy two items, get 15% off; buy three items, get 20% off.

    When: November 23 to November 29
    The Deal: Buy one, get one 50% off (selected styles) available both in store, online and on the brand’s app.

    When: November 20 to November 30
    The Deal: Buy three products at regular price and get the fourth for free. The promotion will automatically apply, no promo code needed.

    Cover FX
    When: November 24 to November 30
    The Deal: From November 24 to the 29, there will be 30% off sitewide, as well as free shipping and free hair clips on orders of $50 or more. For Cyber Monday, the brand is offering 30% off sitewide, as well as free shipping and free hair clips on orders of $50 or more, plus a free Power Play Concealer on orders of $100 or more.

    When: November 20 to November 30
    The Deal: 12 days of serious savings—new deals will be added on November 20, November 23, November 27 and November 30, featuring up to 50% off hundreds of items in stores and online for women, men, kids and home.

    Nordstrom Rack
    When: November 27 to November 30
    The Deal: The Rack Friday Clearance Sale will kick off in stores with the best savings of the year. More info to come closer to the date!

    The Quarterly
    When: November 27 to November 30
    The Deal: 20% off select styles site wide.

    Club Monaco
    When: November 20 to November 30
    The Deal: From November 20 to 28, they are offering 30% off your order and from November 29 to 30, it’s 40% everything with no product exclusions.

    When: November 13 to December 23
    The Deal: 25% to 50% off select styles from now until December 23. From November 5 to November 19, there will be 50% off must-have styles in store and online. From November 5 to December 1, customers can take 25% off regular-priced items in store and online and from November 16 to December 23, they are offering 50% off select sale styles in store and online. (End dates are subject to change.)

    When: November 10 to November 30
    The Deal: 20% off EQ3 regular-priced and sale items (excluding EQ3+ product) as well as free shipping on purchases of $500 or more.

    When: November 24 to November 30
    The Deal: The brand is offering different deals every day, ranging from 25% to 30% off classic styles such as Refined Boots, Chelsea Boots, Kids Boots, Tall Boots and seasonal styles.

    Moose Knuckles
    When: November 20 to November 25 (VIP presale) and November 25 to November 30
    The Deal: Up to 30% off their current winter collection.

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    When: November 19 and November 30
    The Deal: For Black Friday, they’re offering 15% off any single item (use code BLACKFRIDAY15 at checkout) and 25% off two or more items (this will automatically generate at cart). There are also special deals on gift cards for Cyber Monday. In addition, the brand is donating 10% of all sales on Giving Tuesday (December 1) to women’s shelters across Canada.

    Christophe Robin
    When: November 24 to December 2
    The Deal: Up to 40% off plus flash sales.

    Grow Gorgeous
    When: November 24 to December 2
    The Deal: Buy two, get one free on all single products.

    When: November 24 to December 2
    The Deal: Up to 40% off.

    mio Skincare
    When: November 24 to December 2
    The Deal: Up to 30% off single products and bundles and 15% off supersize and gifts.

    When: November 24 to December 2
    The Deal: Up to 50% off plus select a free mini when you spend $50 USD.

    Mama Mio
    When: November 24 to December 2
    The Deal: Up to 30% off single products and bundles, plus 15% off supersize and gifts.

    Bite Beauty
    When: Starting November 12 with more deals from November 25 to November 30
    The Deal: From November 25 to 30, the brand is offering 35% off site wide on bitebeauty.com, and free shipping on all transactions over $35. Plus, all the holiday limited-edition products will be marked down 50% as of November 12 until stocks last, with prices as low at $9. This offer is not only available on bitebeauty.com, but also at Sephora and sephora.ca.

    Frank And Oak
    When: November 25 to 29
    The Deal: 30% off everything online and in-stores

    Altitude Sports
    When: Starting November 23 
    The Deal: Up to 30% off brands like Patagonia, The North Face, Arc’terxy and Vallier as well as promotions on local Canadian brands.

    Fika Beauty
    When: November 20 to November 30
    The Deal: When you book a balayage or dip nail service, you’ll receive a complimentary best-selling signature Fika oil. Enter BLACKFRIDAY in the comment box upon booking.

    Cake Beauty
    When: November 11 to December 12 and November 27 to November 30
    The Deal: 25% off select cult-favourite products available on Amazon. Additionally, from November 27 to November 30, Cake Beauty will be hosting a site wide 40% off sale at cakebeauty.com (excluding sale items and bundles).

    Marc Anthony Hair Care
    When: November 11 to December 12
    The Deal: 25% off select products available on Amazon.

    Province Apothecary
    When: November 27 to November 30
    The Deal: 20% off their online store.

    Folly Fire
    When: November 27 to December 4
    The Deal: 50% off the online shop including trios and large sets, plus free shipping with purchases over $60.

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    When: November 27 and November 30
    The Deal: An additional 50% off Green Friday Sale and $3 from every purchase will be donated to Friends of The Earth through Canada Helps. For Cyber Monday, and the week afterwards, you’ll receive a free Preloved reusable mask with every purchase over $49.

    When: November 27
    The Deal: Free shipping on all orders plus spend $120 and receive a Dermalogica exclusive tote bag + 3 trial sizes ($43 value). Spend $180 and receive an exclusive Dermalogica tote bag + 5 trial sizes ($88 value).

    When: November 25 to December 3
    The Deal: Up to 30% off online and in-store + a surprise offer on certain Kiehl’s favourites online. A special 5-piece gift set on $125 for Kiehl’s Rewards Members.

    JB Skin Guru
    When: November 20 to December 1
    The Deal: 20% off any online order over $100 and free shipping. Join JB Skin Guru’s VIP list for exclusive early access to their Black Friday offer.

    When: November 13 to November 29
    The Deal: November 13 to 15: 25% off the ‘Winter Essentials’ edit from The Wardrobe Series when you spend $250 (in store). November 20 to 22: 25% off the ‘Holiday Dressing’ edit from The Wardrobe Series when you spend $250 (in store). November 26 to 29: Black Friday Sale of 25% off the entire collection when you spend $250 (in store).

    When: November 27
    The Deal: 25% off almost everything and an additional 40% off sale items.

    When: November 27 to November 30 at Innisfree Stores in Canada
    The Deal: Receive up to 50% off select makeup, and up to 30% off select skincare items at Innisfree stores in Toronto, plus get a gift with every purchase.

    When: November 26 to November 30 at Laline Stores and Laline.ca
    The Deal: 50% off all products, 30% off Dead Sea Minerals, 70% off clearance.

    When: November 27 to November 30 at KombiCanada.com
    The Deal: Free shipping and a free hand warmer with every purchase.

    When: November 23 to November 30 at Sephora
    The Deal: 25% off Alterna Haircare’s CAVIAR Anti-Aging® Smoothing Anti-Frizz Blowout Butter (150mL) at Sephora.

    When: November 27
    The Deal: 40% off store wide and an extra 50% markdowns (excluding private labels).

    Amandine Botanicals
    When: November 27 to November 30
    The Deal: 25% off site wide plus a gift with purchase for a limited time on Black Friday.

    Shop Hali
    When: November 27 to November 30
    The Deal: 50% off select products on Black Friday, 25% off select products on Saturday and Sunday, and 35% off select products on Cyber Monday.

    When: November 20 to December 1
    The Deal: Black Friday sale includes discounts on all devices, see website for details.

    When: Every Friday throughout November
    The Deal: Both online and in-store, customers can receive 35% off their total purchase during these deal days (some exclusions may apply).

    When: November 27 at 12AM until Sunday at 11:59PM CDT and November 30
    The Deal: For Black Friday, buy one, get one 25% off. Buy two, get one 50% off. Buy three get one free, plus free shipping. Discount excludes sets/ bundles, use promo code: BLACKOUTFRIDAY. For Cyber Monday, there will be 20% off site wide and free shipping. Discount excludes sets/bundles, use promo code: CYBERMONDAY20.

    Fruits & Passion
    When: November 27 to November 30
    The Deal: 30% off regular and holiday items plus buy one Get one 50% for holiday gift sets.

    Niyama Yoga Wellness
    When: November 25 to November 30
    The Deal: 20% off all products with code BLACKFRIDAY20.

    Bao Laboratory
    When: November 25 toNovember30
    The Deal: 20% off all products and free international shipping on all orders.

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    When: November 1 to November 30
    The Deal: Receive a Tissot notebook with every purchase using the code FALL20.

    By Annalay
    When: November 27
    The Deal: 30% to 50% off select styles.

    Vichy Canada
    When: November 22 to November 29
    The Deal: 25% off site wide (including gift sets) plus an eight-piece gift with purchase (with a value of $85) on orders $75 and over (after discount) with the special code FRIDAY / VENDREDI.

    When: November 27 and November 30 
    The Deal: Entire website will be 40% off.

    When: November 27 to November 30
    The Deal: 25% to 50% off select skincare products, 25% off the newly revamped B.Beautiful makeup kit, up to 70% off clothing, 40% off shoes and sandals and 10% off tie dye and accessories.

    The Ordinary
    When: November 1 to November 30
    The Deal: 23% off all products from all brands. The Ordinary will also be publishing daily educational content throughout November for their KNOWvember campaign, offering daily bits of education with the goal of encouraging consumers to learn more about their products before impulse purchasing.  

    When: November 27 to November 30
    The Deal: 15% off any single outerwear piece from this Black-owned, Toronto-based brand. Customization and shipping are regular price.

    Of Mercer
    When: November 27 to November 30
    The Deal: An additional 25% off sale items, up to 75% off. 

    Sport Chek
    When: November 26 to December 2 
    The Deal: Up to 60% off door-crasher sales. 20% off ticketed prices for women’s, men’s and kids’ winter jackets and pants for four days only (November 26 to 29). Additional deals include between 20% to 40% off select brands, including clothing, equipment and supplements for the whole week.

    When: November 26 to December 2
    The Deal: Save 70% on men’s and women’s Bench Casualwear and Jackets. Save 50% on select men’s CAT Boots. Save 50% on select men’s and women’s Sketchers shoes. Save 40% on all regular-priced Helly Hansen Work Gloves.

    Cocoon Apothecary
    When: November 23 to November 29 
    The Deal: Free Eyewaken and linen travel bag gift with purchase on orders of $100 and over. 

    When: November 23 to November 30
    The Deal: 20% off select styles (no code required), plus there will also be daily door-crasher sales on select pieces from November 27 to November 30 with discounts ranging from 15 to 35% off.

    Estée Lauder
    When: November 27 
    The Deal: Five Pure Color Envy Lipsticks (full size) set with a value of $210 will be available for $52 (one day only).

    Benefit Cosmetics
    When: November 24 
    The Deal: At Sephora, Gimme Brow will be 50% off (one day only).

    L’Oréal Professionnel
    When: November 16 to December 6
    The Deal: On Kérastase.ca, use code STEAMBF20 at checkout to redeem a vegan leather travel pouch. Redeemable with the purchase of a Steampod 3.0 and 2 Steampod products or a Steampod 3.0 and 2 Kérastase travel- size products.

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    When: November 25 to November 30
    The Deal: 10% off orders over $200, 15% off orders over $300 and 20% off orders over $500.

    When: November 26 to November 30
    The Deal: 30% off in-store and online.

    When: November 27 and November 30
    The Deal: Exclusive colour drop in the new Tree Dashers on Black Friday. Exclusive colour drop in Wool Runner + Wool Piper on Cyber Monday. In addition, rather than slashing prices (in an effort to counteract the “more is more” mindset around the season), Allbirds will be launching a global initiative called Pay It To The Planet where prices on all products will be raised by $1 CAD on November 27, with the additional proceeds going directly to Fridays For Future, the youth-led international climate movement founded by climate activist Greta Thunberg.

    NYX Professional Makeup
    When: November 24 to November 30
    The Deal: 40% off everything online & in-store.

    When: November 27 to November 30
    The Deal: Buy one, get one 50% off.

    Maybelline New York
    When: November 27 and November 30
    The Deal: Up to 30% off Fit Me, Tattoo Brow, Falsies, Instant Age Rewind Concealer and Super Stay Matte Ink on amazon.ca.

    When: November 27 and November 30
    The Deal: Up to 30% off Gel Couture on amazon.ca.

    Call it Spring
    When: November 1 to November 30
    The Deal: Buy one get one 70% off on all the brand’s vegan and sustainable shoes, plus 30% off all vegan handbags.

    The Body Shop
    When: November 23 to December 2
    The Deal: November 23 to December 2: 30% off site wide and storewide, including limited edition seasonal body care (excluding gifts). November 18 to November 30: buy one get one half off on select gifts. November 27 to November 30: Limited-edition pouch which includes travel size body care and skincare with a $40 value is only $15. 

    When: November 1 to December 31 
    The Deal: 10% to 20% off select bundles and kits including Blond Mini Trio, 8H Nutritive and Deluxe Double Format Shampoos.

    When: November 27 and November 30
    The Deal: Up to 40% off on select products including Micellar All-in-1 Cleansing Water, Whole Blends Honey Treasures, Skinactive Moisture Bomb Pomegranate Mask and Olia Hair Color on amazon.ca.

    When: November 27 and November 30
    The Deal: 20% savings on holiday gift sets. On amazon.ca, the brand is offering 15% off select products.

    When: November 26 to November 30 
    The Deal: 25% off select best-selling products on amazon.ca.

    When: November 1 to November 30 
    The Deal: Purchases $250 and over receive a Moisturizing Booster (4ml). Purchases $800 and over receive the Only for Your Eyes Gift Set. On Black Friday, all orders receive an Eye C Gel (5ml) gift and a Moisturizing Booster (4ml) gift. On Cyber Monday, all orders receive an Eye C Gel (5ml) gift.

    AG Hair
    When: November 26 to November 30 
    The Deal: 30% off site wide plus every order will receive a free Coco Nut Milk Conditioning Spray Mini (1.8 oz).

    Smash + Tess
    When: November 27 to November 30 
    The Deal: 15% to 40% off select items (while stock lasts), plus special door-crasher items on Friday and Monday (hint: styles in brand new limited edition colour ways).

    When: November 20 to December 1
    The Deal: 25% off online and in-store with exclusions and 50% off select watches.

    BRUNETTE the label
    When: November 27 to November 30  
    The Deal: 30 to 50% off select items online.

    When: Starting November 19  
    The Deal: Over 1,300 limited-time deals on 70+ outdoor brands, in-store and online.

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    When: November 21 to November 30  
    The Deal: Starting November 21, the brand will have 25% off select styles online. From November 25 to November 30, there will be new daily deals online with up to 50% off deals.

    Lise Watier
    When: November 27 
    The Deal: 20% off site wide or 25% off orders over $200, plus an eight-piece gift with purchase on orders over $100.

    When: November 27
    The Deal: Buy one get one free (exclusions apply), plus orders of $35 and over receive free shipping and orders over $65 receive a four-piece gift.

    When: November 27
    The Deal: 40% off site wide, plus receive a gift with orders $35 and over.

    CW Beggs and Sons
    When: November 27
    The Deal: 30% off site wide, plus a gift on orders over $40.

    Sephora Canada
    When: November 27 and November 30
    The Deal: Up to 50% off select products from brands like Kiehl’s, Urban Decay and Tarte.

    Olive + Splash
    When: November 27t
    The Deal: Up to 40$ off select styles site wide.

    e.l.f. Cosmetics
    When: November 26 and November 27
    The Deal: 40% off on loyalty orders and 25% off non-loyalty orders on orders $30 and over site wide.

    When: November 27 and November 30
    The Deal: Up to 50% off select items from brands such as Dyson, Bose and Samsung.

    When: November 25 to December 1 
    The Deal: 30 to 70% off site wide depending on the style.

    The Quarterly
    When: November 27 to November 30 
    The Deal: 20% off select styles from Nux and Monrow.

    When: November 20 to December 3 
    The Deal: 30% off best-sellers including Hyaluronic Acid Capsules, Super C+, Maca Powder and more.

    Sappho New Paradigm
    When: Starting November 25
    The Deal: Receive a free full-size Shimmer with purchases over $150 (shade Medium, value $34). Refillable makeup like eyeshadows and blushes with magnetic compacts at up to 50% off. Contour & highlight set (including brush) at 50% off. Essential Foundation in previous packaging will be back online at deeply reduced prices, with expiry dates indicated, in limited shades.

    The Better Skin Co.
    When: November 27 to November 30 
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    C’est Moi Beauty
    When: November 27 to November 30 
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    Sterling Forever Jewelry
    When: November 27 to November 29  
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    Thigh Society
    When: November 27 to November 30 
    The Deal: 25% off site wide on all products on Black Friday and 40% off Denim Blue Cooling on Cyber Monday.

    Lucky Iron Fish
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    Lux Second Chance
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    Sam & Lance
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    Birthdate Co.
    When: November 24 to December 1
    The Deal: For birthdate books, an offer of 35% off list price. For birthdate candles, the brand is offering 15% off list price.

    Steele by Amanda Steele
    When: November 27 at 9AM to November 29 at 11:59PM and November 30 at 12AM to 11:59PM
    The Deal: For Black Friday, the brand is offering 70% off warehouse sale on all items on this page. For Cyber Monday, they are offering 30% off excluding ASOS items.

    Shades of Rose by Lauren Burnham Luyendyk
    When: November 27 at 12AM to November 30 at 11:59PM
    The Deal: 25% off site wide.

    Lani The Label by Amanda Stanton
    When: November 27 at 9AM to November 30 at 11:59PM and November 30 at 12AM to 11:59PM.
    The Deal: For Black Friday, there’s a warehouse sale with up to 25$ off and for Cyber Monday, there will be 25% off site wide.

    Backyard Roses by Tess Christine
    When: November 27 from 12AM to 11:59PM
    The Deal: Free shipping

    With Clarity
    When: November 18 to December 9
    The Deal: 30% off the New Made For You Lab Diamond collection

    Kit & Ace
    When: November 25 to November 29
    The Deal: Spend $75 – get 25% off; spend $350 – get 30% off; spend $800+ – get 40% off

  • Who Is UCLA Gymnast Nia Dennis? – WWD

    UCLA gymnast Nia Dennis is going viral for the second time in the last year thanks to her captivating floor routine.

    A video of Dennis performing a floor routine set to a medley of songs by Beyoncé, Missy Elliott, Kendrick Lamar and other Black artists went viral on Saturday, with many on social media praising the gymnast for her impressive choreography and celebration of Black artists. Dennis received an almost perfect score (9.95) for the routine.

    This is not the first time the UCLA senior has gone viral for her gymnastics performances. Her floor routine set to Beyoncé’s music at the Pac-12 conference last February also wowed spectators and social media users and earned her a score of 9.975.

    Following her first viral performance, Dennis was a guest on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” last March to talk about the routine and her gymnastics career. Dennis also talked about how she was trying out for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, but ended up tearing her Achilles muscle three months before the Olympics.

    “It was really devastating because it felt like everything I sacrificed, everything my family sacrificed went down the drain and I really wanted to quit gymnastics, but I had to really dig deep and find it within myself to know that just because one dream is gone doesn’t mean I’m going to stop myself from achieving the rest of my dreams,” she said.

    According to an interview with the Los Angeles Daily News, Dennis’ most recent floor routine was an homage to her father, who she said was involved in Greek life.

    “The routine reflects everything that I am today as a woman,” Dennis said, “and, of course, I had to incorporate a lot of parts of my culture. I wanted to have a dance party because that’s my personality and, of course, I had to shout out L.A. because we out here, UCLA.”

    Other than the floor routine, Dennis excels at other gymnastics events. According to her UCLA bio, Dennis was the first-team all-American on bars in 2019 and was the NCAA team champion in 2018. Last year, she received second team All-Pac-12 honors on vault and floor and finished the year ranked nationally at number 18 on floor.

    Dennis is a hopeful for the upcoming Summer Olympics, which are still slated to be held in Tokyo this summer.

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    10 Athletes Who Designed Fashion Brands 

    WATCH: Inside Nike’s Future Sport Forum

  • Editors Favourite Products: Shop Our November Picks

    Back when the FLARE team shared an IRL office space (RIP to my abandoned aloe plant…), my mornings looked a little something like this: rush to get up the elevators in time for our 8:30 a.m. daily meeting (for which, I admittedly showed up to at approx. 8:32 most days), hit the button on my Nespresso machine, roll my chair over to our meeting table and start discussing the trending news items of past 24 hours with my brilliant colleagues. We’d assign a new story or two, check in on the status of our scheduled posts for the day and then invariably our attention would turn to what new outfit, eyeliner or gadget one of us was debuting.

    Since WFH became our new reality, there’s been less opportunity to share sale scores and new obsessions. For one, most of us put a hard stop on unnecessary shopping; and furthermore, we found ourselves wearing sweatsuits much of the week. But now that we’re settling into our “new normal” (and we’re opening up our wallets again) we decided to take our conversation online—like everything else right now—and a new series was born. In FLARE Faves, we’re sharing our top fashion, beauty and home buys from the past month.

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    Here, the best things we bought or were gifted in November.

    Charlotte’s picks

    Best tights

    threads tights

    Opaque Tights, $17 USD, yourthreads.co

    I know what you’re thinking: “Pantyhose? In this economy??” And, trust me, I was right there with you. At the end of summer, when that first fall chill started to creep in, one of the pandemic silver linings I sold myself was: “Since I’m working from home indefinitely, at least I won’t be subjecting myself to the pure torture of wearing tights this winter.” Then I was introduced to Threads, courtesy of a lovely package of samples that showed up at my door. Skeptical, it took me a few weeks to actually try them, and I finally did when meeting a friend for a chilly patio lunch in early November. The temperature was hovering around zero but my legs actually stayed warm?? More surprising, these tights were so comfy (we’re talking no digging or rolling waistband, no sagging, no suffocating qualities whatsoever) that I didn’t immediately strip them off and change into sweatpants when I got home. Reader, I kid you not: I sat down on my couch in REAL clothes and watched Netflix. Mind. Blown.

    Best balm

    LXMI balm

    LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt, $41, thedetoxmarket.ca

    One of the other pandemic silver linings I’ve been taking advantage of is really upping my skincare routine, which over the past few months has included adding a new vitamin A serum to the mix. My sensitive skin always takes a little while to adjust to any new product—especially one with actives like retinol or AHAs—so I’ve been pampering it nightly with this luxurious balm-to-oil salve from LXMI, an organic skincare line that focuses on a singular star ingredient, Nilotica. A form of shea butter, Nilotica is intensely moisturizing, but doesn’t leave a shiny residue on my skin (blessings!). I slather this stuff on my face at night as an intensive sleeping mask, and have also used it as a lip balm, a cuticle treatment and a healing ointment for a bike-accident scar, which I swear looks like it’s healing faster already. Get you a balm that can do it all!

    Best kitchen knife set

    opinel knives

    Opinel Kitchen Knife Essentials, $225, hopsongrace.com

    I spied these French kitchen knives in my IG feed back in June and immediately saved them to my wish list. According to the team at Hopson Grace, which is one of my favourite spots in Toronto to browse for tableware and decor, Opinel knives are so renowned for their form and functionality that the Victoria & Albert Museum named them one of the 100 best designs of all time. Indeed, these beechwood beauties are a much-needed upgrade to my mismatched (and admittedly pretty dull) stainless steel set.

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    Jenn’s picks

    Best booties

    la canadienne boots

    Budapest Booties, $450, lacanadienneshoes.com

    Photos simply don’t do these Chelsea boots justice. Between the pointed toe, the manageable heel height, the gold hardware and the subtle western details on the shaft, they’re the answer to my most enduring and elusive fashion want: a simple, yet interesting black leather bootie that will stand the test of time. And please don’t get me started on the unique heel shape—cool enough to feel special but not so wacky that it renders the boot less classic. They’re an investment, but one that’s Canadian-designed and Italian-made, and as beautifully constructed as this pair isn’t one you’ll likely regret. To me, they are perfect.

    Best face oil

    mutha oil

    Face Oil, $110 USD, mutha.com

    Yes, I absolutely wanted to try this buzzy brand after spotting it on Instagram and sites like The Cut, and now that they ship to Canada, we easily can. While it’s loaded with antioxidants, omega fatty acids, evening primrose oil, squalane and active ingredients like tsubaki, kalahari and borage seed oils to replenish the skin’s moisture, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and soothe the skin, this face oil’s true super power seems to be its uncanny ability to absorb quickly and leave you feeling dewy and glowy, but not shiny. The oil is naturally scented with jasmine flower extract, giving its application a lovely spa-like experience. I like to up the ritual aspect even more by applying the face oil before going in with my gua sha.

    Best cozy throw

    oui throw

    Oui Chevron Chenille Throw, $59.50, chapters.indigo.ca

    The intersection of pandemic lockdown number two and the threat of winter means a few things: a dramatic rise in homemade soups, an increased urge to improve one’s home base, and a spike in the need to be nestled in soft, comforting fabrics. Much like the frequency at which I google “best flannel sheets,” my cozy blanket collection has increased exponentially. This ridiculously cozy throw, that comes in the most soothing off-white shade, complete with a subtle chevron pattern and charming nubby bits, is my latest fave from Indigo’s newly launched home line, Oui.

    Katherine’s picks

    Best quilted jacket

    uniqlo jacket

    U Recycled Down Jacket, $100, uniqlo.com

    I’m sorry, but I can’t be the only person who wants their entire life—and wardrobe—to reflect The Crown. While I may not be itching for a marriage like Prince Charles and Diana’s, I *am* itching for all of the Royal Family’s Balmoral hunting looks. And this newly released jacket from Uniqlo fits the bill. From the chic brown colour that I favour to the quilted design, this jacket screams for me to be atop a thoroughbred horse, galloping through the English countryside. (FYI, it also works over a sweatsuit for a Sunday coffee run.) Plus, as part of a sustainable initiative from the brand that started in September 2019, these jackets use down collected from around 620,000 unwanted Uniqlo jackets across Japan, repurposing older Uniqlo garments and making this purchase stylish and sustainable! Pro tip: The jacket is unisex, meaning that it runs a little larger. I’m typically a S and wear an XS in this item.

    Best foundation

    kosas foundation

    Kosas Tinted Face Oil Foundation, $56, sephora.com

    As someone with naturally oily skin, I was hesitant about trying out a face oil, but this light foundation provides the perfect amount of coverage for my daily Zoom calls and virtual meetings, camouflaging redness and dark spots while also still looking super natural. I don’t find it adds any extra oil to my face; and as a bonus, the brand really emphasizes makeup as an extension of your skincare routine, meaning their products, in addition to being sulphate-free, are packed with clean treatment ingredients like rosehip seed and avocado oil.

    Best tequila

    best tequila

    1800 Anjeo Tequila, $51, lcbo.com

    This isn’t your typical university-experience tequila. Whether you’re looking for a nice gift for your dad for the holidays or just want to treat yourself, a bottle of tequila *might* just be the best decision you make. This aged tequila is perfect for sipping (because that’s something I do now) with a spicy aroma and notes of caramel and toffee. Want to really warm yourself up this winter? Try it out in your evening cup of hot chocolate (with marshmallows, obvi). You won’t regret it.

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    Elham’s picks

    Best puffer

    uniqlo puffer

    J+ Hybrid Down Jacket in Wine, $180, uniqlo.com

    It hasn’t even gotten supremely cold yet, but I’ve still donned this jacket and felt uber warm and super snug. True, I’m not planning on going anywhere far for the next few weeks (abiding by lockdown rules over here!), but I still wanna feel cute. Plus, I’ll be using this jacket as an excuse to get my vitamin D-deficient self outdoors to see the light of day on some afternoon walks around the neighbourhood.

    Best haircare kit

    olaplex kit

    Olaplex Holiday Hair Fix Kit, $80, sephora.com

    I’ve been trying for a while now to find the right treatment to get my partially heat-damaged hair back on track and feeling revived again, so I picked up this holiday kit from Olaplex, which includes a minis of their beloved shampoo and conditioner, as well as pre-and post-shower strengthening and smoothing lotions. A few uses later I think it’s working quite nicely!

    Best pillow

    buckwheat pillow

    Organic Buckwheat Hull Pillow, $109, comfycomfy.ca

    I’ve been progressively upgrading my sleep game over the past year with a weighted blanket and new mattress but, honestly, this pillow is probably the biggest game-changer for me. I don’t wake up feeling like I got whiplash in my sleep anymore, and it’s all thanks to the buckwheat filling of this pillow. It’s firm enough that I don’t feel like I’m wrestling with my pillow, I never need to flip to the cool side since it doesn’t heat up, and I can shape the pillow to take whatever firmness I want. Bonus: It’s Canadian-made.

  • Designer Charles de Vilmorin Is a Rising Talent at Paris Couture Week – WWD

    PARIS – Less than a year after launching his brand in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Charles de Vilmorin is preparing to make his debut at Paris Couture Week.

    It was to be his first runway outing, but French authorities have banned physical gatherings for the time being, so the designer will let his colorful monsters run riot in a video, due to be unveiled on Wednesday. Expect lots of hand painting, both on the clothes and on models’ skin.

    “It’s a little frustrating, obviously, especially since it was supposed to be my first fashion show, but I tell myself there will be others,” the 24-year-old said.

    He spent 15 days holed up in Compiègne, the town an hour northeast of Paris where his parents live, painting panels of fabric on the floor of a spacious basement studio. There will be 12 looks in all, including sculptural hourglass dresses with exaggerated breasts, inspired by French artist Niki de Saint Phalle.

    “When I heard that I’d been accepted at Paris Couture Week, I slightly changed my approach to the collection. I wanted to rise to the occasion,” he said. When he launched his brand and website last April, de Vilmorin was living in a tiny attic studio in Paris, which he recently vacated.

    Since graduating from the Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne in 2019, he’d worked mainly with prints, so reconnecting with his paintbrushes was elating. “I missed the manual aspect,” he said.

    While couture may seem an antiquated concept for a Gen-Z designer, de Vilmorin thinks the craft is as relevant as ever. “To me, it’s still a very current idea. I’ve always been very sensitive to French know-how,” said the designer, who dreams of being hired by a French heritage brand.

    “Haute couture has no limits. To me, it’s about experimenting, whether with materials or shapes, so it’s really a form of expression. It’s an artistic endeavor: the clothes are not designed to be sold or to be worn in a very accessible way, and that’s what I like about it,” de Vilmorin added.

    The couture film has allowed him to push even further his exploration of makeup, which he uses to transform models into avatars for the fantastical creatures he draws. “I love the idea that makeup erases the part of a person related to gender, in order to reveal their true self,” he explained.

    In “Repugnantam,” the short film he created as part of last November’s GucciFest digital fashion and film festival, his creations came to life and devoured him. The camera loves the fine-boned designer, whose almond-shaped eyes and floppy fringe give him an ethereal quality, not unlike a young Yves Saint Laurent. 

    Vilmorin likes to work with a group of friends that includes singers, dancers and even a law student. His best friend Anaelle Postollec, who has her own YouTube channel, models for him and oversaw the makeup for the upcoming couture short. 

    It’s kept him grounded through the rollercoaster events of the last few months. Almost immediately after unveiling his debut line of patchwork quilted bomber jackets, de Vilmorin was being celebrated by a fashion industry starved of newness. He followed up in September with a capsule collection of printed pieces.

    “The fact that I was spending a lot of time alone or with close friends really helped to keep my feet on the ground, because everything was happening virtually,” he said. “I know that if there had been physical events, it would have been quite different.”

    To be sure, he plans to remain loyal to his crew. “I know that if one day I get the chance to do a big project, it will be with the same people,” he said. “I want them to contribute to the evolution of the brand, and to grow alongside it.” 

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  • How Celebrities Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle ⋆ Trendybloggers

    Celebrities may have negatively influenced people at a point in their lives. After all, being a celebrity is not all glam and parties, it takes blood, sweat, tears, and lots of crazy obsessions for one to become a celebrity. It’s not easy to handle all the stress of being watched and judged all the time. However, there are superstars out there that know how to maintain a healthy lifestyle that keeps them happy and fit. They understand that it’s only about building healthy habits and following certain routines. In this article, we will review how celebrities manage to stay healthy and take care of their wellbeing. (Image Credit: Elly Fairytale/Pexels)

    They Drink Plenty of Water 

    Most celebrities visit nutritionists and lifestyle coaches regularly to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. One of the most important things that you have to follow to stay fit and enjoy tight, firm skin that glows without makeup is to make sure that you remain hydrated all day long. Many celebrities drink a gallon of water every day to help them stay focused, energized, and make them look more beautiful and fit than ordinary people. 

    They Follow an Exercise Routine 

    Believe it or not, but most celebrities workout almost every day. Cher, for example, has admitted to working out five days a week since childhood. It’s the only way that will make you feel better about yourself, lose weight quickly, and enjoy a superstar body shape in no time. Fitness experts at the PhenGold blog explain how each individual requires different exercising techniques and methods to help them stay fit. Motivate yourself to commit to the gym or attend CrossFit classes a few times a week and you’ll notice the difference.  If you’re not the gym enthusiast, that’s ok because there are plenty of other exercise classes that you can attend that will give you the same results if not better in a short period.

    They Avoid Unhealthy Habits 

    Jennifer Lopez doesn’t smoke, drink, or stay up late because it affects her skin and overall health. Many other celebrities avoid giving up their cravings unless they’re at a professional event or a gathering. Celebrities don’t usually starve themselves or feel tortured because they can’t have some candy whenever they want. Many of them do eat junk food and sugar, but they try to do it with mindfulness. They try to keep track of what they eat when they eat it, and the amounts they consume. If you try to only eat carbs and sweets early during the day or just once a week, you will be able to notice a tremendous shift in your body in no time. Moreover, you have to remember not to get obsessed with the scale to avoid stress and guilty trips to the supermarket. 

    There are many things that you can learn from celebrities. From meditation to workout regimens, there’s nothing that can help you discover new ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle like following the steps of those who are famous. They have plenty of time and resources to discover new ways to become happier and keep fit without putting too much effort or wasting a lot of time. Remember, a celebrity will have to lose and gain weight fast and change their routines drastically to prepare for different roles and events. Listen to what they have to say, you will not regret it. 

  • Thoughtful Subscription Gifts They’ll Actually Love

    Because nothing says “I know you so well” like a charcuterie subscription

    We all know the stress that comes with the typical holiday season. Trying to figure out whose side of the family you’re going to visit, calculating the logistics of fitting a holiday turkey inside your tiny condo oven and—most importantly—finding the *perfect* gifts for everyone on your holiday list. But what do you do when you can’t figure out exactly what the perfect gift for your step-dad is? Why not try a subscription service in lieu of a gift card?

    Long thought of as the easy and impersonal way out of gift giving, subscription services have gained a meh reputation over the years as the choice of the lazy and uninventive. And we want to throw that stereotype right out the window. Because yes, there is such thing as a thoughtful subscription service (or gift card, for that matter). Whether it’s a monthly charcuterie subscription that shows your BFF just how well you know her (and her tastebuds) or a streaming service for the Anglophile on your list, we’ve rounded up the most thoughtful subscriptions and experiences for this holiday season.

    Prepare to impress!

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  • Ziggy Chen Men’s Fall 2021 – WWD

    Chinese designer Ziggy Chen, inspired by the Classical Gardens of Suzhou, a UNESCO world heritage site, fused natural and architectural influences in a wardrobe for the 21st-century gentleman.

    His softened-up three-piece suits, in a patchwork of natural fabrics sourced from small producers, had the look of worn-in military uniforms with their rows of contrasting buttons. Spliced in two different check cloths, they took on the attitude of an English nobleman, minus the stiff upper lip.

    The wide pants and textured silhouettes nodded to a utilitarian register, while the rounded necklines of vests and patterns featuring shadowy bamboo foliage or ink-like prints were a subtle celebration of traditional Asian motifs.

    Flaps of fabric — in the place of pockets on some looks, or featuring as panels on the rear of the chunky outerwear pieces in the collection — could be buttoned down for a more discreet look or hang free to reveal contrasting inner panels, making for a distinctive style feature.

    The lineup had an understated edginess while channeling a sense of serenity that resonates with our times, proving that Ziggy Chen is a designer to watch.