Fall/Winter 2020 fashion trends in women and men’s department

The worldwide pandemic that hit the world by storm did not interfere with the fashion trends. The fashion industry, as one of the most impacted at the beginning of the year, quickly found a way around the newly developed situation and continued to introduce the trends and novelties that were coming up. As the summer is far gone now and the fall/winter season is upon us, it is just the right time for a quick look at what is going to be trendy and fashionable in women’s and men’s departments in the following months. 

The general trends in both the departments combine and put an accent on the comfortability and coziness of the garments since a huge part of the world are either working from home or going to work but in special conditions. Moving around and running errands is also made as comfortable as possible with the focus on the loose cuts and fits, oversized garments, and straight lines. 

Here is a short guide to what the fall/winter 2020 brings to both women’s and men’s departments. 

Women’s fashion trends

Many of women’s fall/winter fashion trends are already a big part of that season clothing options, but now they are coming in a more refreshed and polished look. Color and prints are something that comes as a novelty and highly appreciated the change of scenery.


Leather is one of the biggest trends that never go out of style, so it is the same case this season too. Its look is timeless and classic, with a huge dose of chic and elegance. As a fabric, the leather itself holds great quality and durability. This fall/winter 2020 season, the leather comes in all different options and finishes, including the faux-leather as a more environment-friendly choice. And the color palette is also pretty various. Owning and wearing everything from leather mini-skirts to coats this fall/winter season is a must.

Beige and brown tones

Beige and brown are popular color choices as soon as the fall season steps in. Although they might sound a bit expected and some will say boring, this fall/winter season, beige and brown shades are continuing the color dominance. Beige is a neutral and calm shade that presents a clean and sophisticated look. This fall/winter season, styling the beige with dark and rich brown shades is a wonderful and fall-inspired color combination.

Animal print

From the prints section, the animal print is the one that is present and the most desired one through the seasons. The variety of animal print options does not seem to allow it to get out of style. The diverse options and the variety of colors and color combinations make it very dominant and interesting for the fashion crowd.  It has the power to make any outfit more colorful, happy, and fashionable. This fall/ winter 2020 season,  the zebra stripes and the snakeskin print already show a great presence as part of the urban fashion and street style.

White dress

A fresh and daring entry in the fall fashion trends comes from the white dress. Commonly associated only with bridal fashion, the newest fall/winter fashion trends put the white dress like a fashionable and stylish fall garment. The clean and crisp white color brightens the outfit and all lengths, cuts, and fabrics are in the game.

Mary Janes

This fall/winter season introduces the famous Mary Janes as the trendiest footwear option. The quite unexpected shoe trend is making a return in the modern fashion world. As a shoe that was sometimes worn back in elementary school, today it is the one that all fashionistas are already wearing it. The newer and fresher versions present the Mary Janes as much more mature, with different heels, straps, and details.

Men’s fashion trends

Now more than ever, men are following the fashion trends as regularly as possible, with the desire to add a difference and piece of stylishness to their looks.  

Denim on denim

Although this is not some new trend, it is however making a comeback in the men’s department fashion scene. Pairing two denim garments present a monochromatic look, and the color choices and options are various since the denim comes in various options: washes, textures, and colors. For a dose of a semi-casual look instead of a sporty one, a shirt in white or black color will create an interesting outfit.


Plaids are a popular print that is long present on the fashion scene and is closely associated with the fall season. For this fall/winter season, the flannel button-down shirt in all color options is what will flaunt the trend best. Also, picking some soft and warm scarf in plaid print is a great option to add a dose of stylishness and trendiness.


From the outerwear section, the puffers are the piece that is a must this fall/winter season. Lightweight and fashionable, the puffers come in many different colors, finishes, and are great casual and semi-formal piece. Styling them in different outfits makes them even more popular and suitable for the season. 


The texture of the clothing garments comes as a highly valued fashion trend this fall/winter season. For the colder season, one such fabric that can deliver that is the corduroy. The warm fabric is great for styling, no matter if it is paired as a full corduroy outfit or just as one piece. Since it comes in lots of color options, mixing and matching colors in corduroy can deliver a stylish look. 

Chelsea boots

The colder weather requires an upgrade in the footwear department, putting the classic and always stylish Chelsea boot on point. This versatile shoe comes in many different colors and fabric that it is made of, which also works with many different fashion styles and outfits. The suede and the leather ones are the most common choice that provides a fabulous look!

These trends are expected to be seen and dominate the women’s and men’s fashion scene as well as the street style and urban fashion!

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