• Kid Rock Has 18 Songs Ready for Next Studio Album

    It’s been a few years since Kid Rock released his last album, Sweet Southern Sugar, but it looks as though a new record is in the works. During Detroit radio station WRIF’s 50th Anniversary feature checking in with multiple musicians, Rock offered an update on his next album.

    Rock says (at around the 34 minute mark in the player below), “This Covid thing has been crazy for everybody. And my heart goes out to everybody who’s been affected by it, especially people who’ve lost people. But it’s kind of afforded me… I haven’t had this feeling since my first big record, Devil Without a Cause, where I’ve had this much time to sit around and re-write, zero in, replay — just meticulously go song to song to song.”

    He continued, “I’ve got 18 that I’m in love with now, and four more that I wanna record. And I don’t know what the hell I’m gonna do with them. But thank God I’ve got my studio. That’s been my saving grace through this thing.”

    No timeline for the new album’s release was revealed, but Rock sounds well into the record at this point.

    Though Sweet Southern Sugar was Rock’s last studio album in 2017, he did release a greatest hits collection the following year and he issued an ’80s electro song “Quarantine” under the pseudonym DJ Bobby Shazam last year.

    Kid Rock Speaks to Detroit’s WRIF-FM

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  • Hayley Williams ‘Ready’ To Make First Paramore Album Since 2017

    Hayley Williams is full of surprises this year. She spontaneously dropped her second solo album, Flowers for Vases / Descansos, on Feb. 5 and in a Valentine’s Day question and answer session on Twitter, said she is “ready” to get to work on Paramore’s first album since 2017’s After Laughter.

    Flowers for Vases / Descanos is an indie folk record that was released less than a year after Williams’ Petals for Armor debut, which was rooted in a variety of pop sounds, and the musician confirmed she has more songs already written during the last record’s session, but another solo album is not part of her immediate plan.

    “There are more songs, yeah. But I’m not planning on another solo album. And I’m not sure if they’d be great for Paramore,” said Williams, who then turned her attention toward her primary band. “I’m ready for the next Paramore album. Let’s go,” she added.

    Since Williams played guitar, keyboards and drums on select songs on Petals for Armor and was responsible for all the instrumentation on Flowers for Vases / Descanos, one fan found it pertinent to ask if it can be expected that she will be more involved in the instrumental part of the writing process.

    “I wouldn’t say I’ve been un-involved up till now,” said Williams, who diplomatically continued, “but the thing is we grew up playing together and learning (and the re-learning) how to write together. They are my favorite musicians in the world. I’m excited to see how our writing together grows for this next project.”

    The Twitter Q&A also revealed some more details surrounding the surprise album, Flowers for Vases / Descanos, such as where the title came from — a discarded grocery list.

    “I really wanted to just call the album Descanos but found a grocery list in my iPhone notes and the last item on the list was ‘flowers for vases,’ the Paramore frontwoman explained. “The story goes: I need to learn how to not hold on to dead things. So I threw out all the dead flowers, replaced them with living.”

    When pressed about the specific influences that pushed her in the fresh direction of her latest solo album, Williams cited, “Therapy, having to go up on my meds when I was just sad and felt hopeless… being alone and not being able to go do ‘my job,’ too much time on my hands, Women Who Run With the Wolves (it’s still my fav book all these years later).”

    GoodReads‘ synopsis of the book states, “Within every woman there is a wild and natural creature, a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing. Her name is Wild Woman, but she is an endangered species. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D., Jungian analyst and cantadora storyteller shows how women’s vitality can be restored through what she calls ‘psychic archeological digs’ into the ruins of the female unconscious. Using multicultural myths, fairy tales, folk tales, and stories, Dr. Estes helps women reconnect with the healthy, instinctual, visionary attributes of the Wild Woman archetype.”

    As of current, Paramore are a trio, lacking a permanent bassist.

    Williams addressed the band’s lineup status in October of last year in a pair of tweets, which can be seen below. She referenced former members while also expressing her and the band’s support for the LGBTQ+ community: “Paramore do not condone religiously/politically dogmatic beliefs which leave our LGBTQ+ friends, fans, and family feeling abandoned and hopeless.”

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  • Seychelles now ready to welcome vaccinated travellers

    Published on : Monday, January 25, 2021

    Seychelles government now open for tourism but with limited entry. They are gearing up to open tourism but allow only those who have taken both the doses of Covid-19 vaccine and have a negative report from a RT-PCR test done 72 hours prior to the journey, shall be allowed to enter, according to an official statement on Wednesday.

    On January 14, 2021, long after the pause Seychelles government announced that will soon open up the country for tourism in a two-step approach: the first phase is about allowing passengers 14 days after taking both the doses of vaccine as well as with Covid negative report from a test done 72 hours prior to the journey. The second phase will be from mid-March — by the time the Seychelles government expects to vaccinate significant section of its population — when non-vaccinated persons would be able to enter the country with just a Covid-negative report from a test done 72 hours prior to the journey, said the statement by the country’s tourism promotion board.

    It has been also made official that with the focus on vaccine availability, it has been forecasted that 25 per cent of its population is likely to be vaccinated by mid-March and this will encourage tourism in the second phase, and boost business.

    The country has thus adapted to some easy travelling norms and new regulations will help in maintaining tourism business while following social distancing and other covid protection norms. Seychelles is currently open to Indian visitors — who have not been vaccinated — through private jet transfers only, the statement noted. The non-vaccinated Indians can currently travel to Seychelles island on a private jet and with a Covid negative report of a test done 72 hours prior to the journey, it explained.

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